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The stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe are an excellent jumping-off point for English language literacy.


Like Shakespeare and other literary giants, Poe’s work deals with the timeless themes of love and loss. The language is rich; the imagery is evocative.


Unlike those others, however, Poe’s short stories and poems have the benefit of brevity. This ensures that students remain fully engaged while exploring

Poe's themes and gaining a deeper understanding of the language he used.


There are many English Language Arts common core curricula available online to teachers, either for free or at nominal cost. Here are several to get you started. Just click any logo to the left on this page (or at the bottom of the page for mobile versions).


Please remember that The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre is providing a

14-minute dramatic recitation of The Masque of the Red Death FREE for your classroom:

The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre is not affiliated  with any of the organizations linked here.

We thank educators everywhere for their important work.


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