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A year-end gift for you! Would you please make a tax-deductible donation today?

Because you are loyal supporters and fans, The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre has a year-end gift for you.


“Shadow – A Parable” was written by Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore in 1835. Early this year, Helen Atkinson Wood (the British actor best known for her work in the Blackadder television series) recorded the story especially for The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre.


This amazing recording has never before been available to the general public. It’s our gift for your continued generosity. TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY, PLEASE CLICK BELOW:

If you're able, we hope you might also make a donation to the theatre. Your contribution to The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre is tax deductible. Please give whatever you can comfortably afford, to ensure that The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre can succeed in its goals as the only Poe-focused theatre in the world, with Baltimore as its home.
With every dollar you give, we are better able to work toward our mission, to support:
  • Tourism and an enhanced visitor experience for Baltimore,

  • Education, specifically English language literacy for underserved young people, and

  • Responsible development and inclusivity

To make your tax deductible contribution right from this page, just click on the link below (or above - they both work the same!):

Prefer to donate by check? Great! Please send your tax-deductible donation to:

                                      The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre
                                      c/o Alex Zavistovich
                                      3108 Foster Ave.
                                      Baltimore, MD 21224




Poe Theatre Raven Level Supporter (Contributing up to $249)

Julia Bilek

Sue Medicus


The Dark Circle (Contributing $250 to $500)

Stephen Demczuk

Susan Jaffe Tane


The Crimson Circle (Contributing $501 to $1,000)

Peter Fawn

Richard and Carolyn Restak


The Inner Circle (Contributing $1,001 to $5,000)

The Estate of Berdena Jane Demczuk

David Dieudonne

Laura Jones

Jeff Shupack

Alex Zavistovich

Zectonal, Inc.


Doomsday Contributors

Michael Abendshein, Gay Adkins, Michael Akin, Nizam Ali, Ian Armstrong, Kevin Atticks,

Dan Baumiller, Julia Bilek, Michael Botlo, Christopher Buchanan, Kelly Carnes, Blair Ciecko, David Ciofalo, Michael Coleman, Ann Davison, David  Dieudonne, Bernard Demczuk, Stephen Demczuk, Thomas Drymon, Clay Edmonds, Kris Faatz, Peter Fawn, Valerie Fenton, Nick Fertig, Jason Filippou, Diana Forster, Susan Franks, MJ Frauenheim, Courtney Gradel, Stephen Gucker, Joseph Hall, Beverly Hunt, Enrica Jang, Laura  Jones, Darryl and Mary Jurkiewicz, Charles Kline, Cindy and Jim Kohlenberger, Steve Kramer, Coralie Kurstin, Rolf Landua, Sue Medicus, Doug Levin, Lucas Maloney, Lloyd McCoy, Maggie McCready, Michael McDonnell, James McDonough, Christopher O'Connor, David Pierson, Robert Pascual, Deanna Peel, Brooke Pfautz, Cathy Pollack, Suzanne Porter-Kuchay, Leslie Quinn, Hugh Sisson, Leigh Sloane, Richard Solomon, Stephen Sorrell, Emily Steinhauer, Susan Tane, Allison Turkel, Sam Wee, Maggie  Whitney, Cina Wong, Alex Zavistovich

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